…people themselves alter so much, that there is something new to be observed in them for ever.
Elizabeth Bennet [Pride & Prejudice // Jane Austen]

Requested background for a Loki plush commission I recently did— Loki’s prison from Thor 2.

Acrylic on 9x12in canvas board. Couple of hours.

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Never assume that the funniest person in the room is also the happiest.

Raising fancy pumpkins. I think I’ll name him Edgar.
[background is Scarecrow cover 03 of Dark Victory]

Raising fancy pumpkins. I think I’ll name him Edgar.

[background is Scarecrow cover 03 of Dark Victory]

Looking forward to binging on all things Batman come November when my current film is done. There’s some Bat (animated) projects I definitely want to work on (and am already kind of writing on the side now— talk about multitasking) and I’m going to need some serious Bat fuel for all the world building and writing. Want to replay all the Arkham games, get back into my comic collection, and re-watch the BtAS boxsets and Nolanverse.

Good thing we’ll also have Gotham, Arrow, and Flash on TV then to definitely keep me in the DC/comic book mood.

Update of second Arrow fanart wall



Arrow Prod. Office @ArrowProdOffice  ”Happy everyone! Here’s the latest update of our second wall!”


It’s fanart Friday!  Don’t forget to tweet your fav fanart work to the Arrow Writers and the Arrow Prod Office

Whoo— made the board twice this time: “In This Together” [x] and “Uncertainty” [x]

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When you remember a film from your childhood wrong, but after re-watching as an adult you realize you like your messed up memory version better.

I’m at that progress point where I really have nothing to talk about and nothing to upload, though that should change in about a week or so with concept art, designs, a teaser poster, maybe some rough boards and backgrounds, and some animation tests.

But right now my tumblr is quiet and nothing’s finished and I haven’t had the time or mood to do fanstuff (the online grumbling and melodrama’s been kinda getting me down to be honest), but the work is looking good, a merry brood of miniature pumpkins are happily growing in my garden, it’s felt like autumn all summer, and nothing in my life is imploding and/or exploding for once.

So it’s a good kind of quiet. Stay tuned.

I don’t have twitter so I always find these by accident, but Michael Rowe (Deadshot on Arrow) retweeted the ink wash portrait I did of him.

Thanks random people I don’t know who pimp my art to people I like/admire but have no opportunity or guts to approach *thumbs up* Nice being noticed (for good things).

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Some doodles from watching Marvel cartoons— mostly Spectacular Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Avengers Assemble. DC kinda ditched everyone by pulling their cartoons, so I’ve been watching a lot of Marvel lately. Scribbled with a regular blue Bic pen.

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  • Officer: You're a clown, Lawrence.
  • T. E. Lawrence: Ah, well, we can't all be lion tamers.
  • [Lawrence of Arabia (1962)]

When you go to jot down a couple of story ideas and somehow end up with over ten pages of notes.

My activity level is Batman.

My activity level is Batman.