When you remember a film from your childhood wrong, but after re-watching as an adult you realize you like your messed up memory version better.

I’m at that progress point where I really have nothing to talk about and nothing to upload, though that should change in about a week or so with concept art, designs, a teaser poster, maybe some rough boards and backgrounds, and some animation tests.

But right now my tumblr is quiet and nothing’s finished and I haven’t had the time or mood to do fanstuff (the online grumbling and melodrama’s been kinda getting me down to be honest), but the work is looking good, a merry brood of miniature pumpkins are happily growing in my garden, it’s felt like autumn all summer, and nothing in my life is imploding and/or exploding for once.

So it’s a good kind of quiet. Stay tuned.

I don’t have twitter so I always find these by accident, but Michael Rowe (Deadshot on Arrow) retweeted the ink wash portrait I did of him.

Thanks random people I don’t know who pimp my art to people I like/admire but have no opportunity or guts to approach *thumbs up* Nice being noticed (for good things).

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Some doodles from watching Marvel cartoons— mostly Spectacular Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Avengers Assemble. DC kinda ditched everyone by pulling their cartoons, so I’ve been watching a lot of Marvel lately. Scribbled with a regular blue Bic pen.

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  • Officer: You're a clown, Lawrence.
  • T. E. Lawrence: Ah, well, we can't all be lion tamers.
  • [Lawrence of Arabia (1962)]

When you go to jot down a couple of story ideas and somehow end up with over ten pages of notes.

My activity level is Batman.

My activity level is Batman.

Listening to Beethoven while I work really keeps me awake and productive, but it also makes me really want to watch Evangelion :/

Ironically the day I felt the worst about my art style and whether I’m producing anything halfway decent is the day the CW Flash facebook page posts my art and the Arrow production team adds me to the fanart wall.

Good timing for my wavering self-esteem.



Love how the #ArrowFanArt is filling out on this panel. And all the #Olicity art! 

There’s quite a few of my favorites on there, including the one in the very lower right-hand corner. Love that one!  I didn’t see it before and, in fact, tweeted it to them. Happy to see they beat me to it and have it on there already.  :)

I made the board! [x] Awesome.

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concept designs: Freakie Frannie — house & school building

Super rough building doodle designs for my animated film Freakie Frannie— pencil sketch and rough pen lines. This is just the ‘getting my thoughts down’ stage. Final designs will be cleaner, nicer, and colored.

Figured it was time to start posting some concept art for this project. House and school building of the title character Frannie von Freake. I used a couple of building references, taking bits and pieces off each one for things I wanted/needed. The main gate of the school isn’t finalized here— the point of the sketch was more the architecture of the school and the gate would have obscured it.

(Source: rotten-apples.deviantart.com)

It’s loving that’s important, isn’t it, Vincent, not being loved.
Margot [‘Lust for Life’ by Irving Stone]

When I have trouble boarding complicated shots I make tiny building mockups out of thin cardboard and use action figures as stand-ins for reference photos.

Extremely helpful and another reason you can never have too many action figures.